About Me – Daga Ulanowski

I'm a mother of 4 young boys - 12 years to 4 years old -  that keep me busy.  My goal when starting a family was to play a big part in raising them.

I've worked an IT J.O.B for many years. I was frustrated with long commutes wasting 2 hours each day stuck in traffic and paying for a toll-highway on top of that.    Working with mostly men in the industry was a challenge.  Most came in to work whenever they wanted staying late and often asking the question "why I was leaving so early when an important meeting is starting in the evening", that I'm going to miss as I had to pickup my kids.  Often times I had to work overtime and take business trips out of the country.   This resulted in long hours where I was spending my time away from my family and going crazy making necessary arrangements to have my kids be taken care of.  That's not the life I've planned when deciding to start a family to be always at work and never spending family quality time with them.

After my 3rd child was born my neighbor introduced me to network marketing to earn some extra cash on the side while working with my children.  After taking more closer at the opportunity I was amazed at the promise of freedom it offered and living life on your own terms so I started taking the necessary actions to do so.   After few years or constant prospecting, talking with everything that moved, setting up at events, driving long distances for meetings, dreadful cold calling, no one answering the phone and constant rejections I was getting discouraged. Through these time-consuming and tiring efforts I found hundreds of recruits, and built up to a ​top level in my company, but many on my team kept quitting not duplicating my actions, keeping me running in circles and still taking me away from my family.

The promised freedom looked great on paper but was not turning out so in real life for me.  I am not a Quitter.  So I constantly searched for better solutions, methods, tricks and systems that will actually click in. There must be an easier way to do this!  And there was!  And that's when I discovered Attraction Marketing!  It's a concept where ​"If you create value in the market people will come to you"
No more chasing people, no longer hunting  everyone but in turn now being "the hunted."  I have a steady stream of leads coming in on a daily basis.  A welcome change to the way I've been building my business!   And the best part is, this is duplicatable -- I can help other people to do this to! 

I still build my  business traditionally, however adding online, having people actively seek me out lets me enjoy more freedom with my kids and creates the speed necessary to create personal momentum. 

I'm so excited you're here!  Because this system truly works not ONLY for a network marketing businesses, but for entrepreneurs and other small home based business owners.  

ANYONE can learn this and apply it to see huge success in their business and then teach it to their teams.

Get your feet wet with this FREE 10 day online recruting bootcamp, where you'll learn to do just that... recruit online.